I appreciate your expertise and your professionalism. It is great to find a company who knows how to listen to the customer, to understand and adapt to their needs, I had a lot of help from you and at the same time, the site looks like me.

Alain Delahaye



DDGRAFX was created in 2005 when I took one of the most important decision of my career which was to go back to school full time after more than 20 years on the work market for service businesses. After climbing the steps that allowed me to occupy jobs as prestigious as "Operations Director" and "Procurement Coordinator", I decided to capitalize on these experiences to explore the fascinating world of the Internet and I discovered myself a new passion.

It was at the reputed John Abbott College which was offering the most complete program that I started my venture and, one year after entering, I was graduating with an AEC in Web Technology.

After doing a work term stage in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for the Multimedia department of the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS), I started almost right away for a client that allowed me to put my web knowledge to the test and with whom I learned a lot and still am learning.

Here are a few examples of the Web technology skills I acquired and mastered since the foundation of my Web design firm:

  • Validate HTML code to the W3C standard;
  • Create Dreamweaver templates to facilitate future editing;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Bing, Google, Yahoo);
  • Create new Web sites and put them on line;
  • Picture and graphic touch up using Photoshop CS4;
  • Create designs using Photoshop, integrate them into HTML and CSS code;
  • Work with scripts to obtain desired effects and fonctions (PHP, JavaScript,...);
  • Give a whole new look and design to existing web sites;
  • Content Management Systems (Ektron CMS400, Vignette 7, Worpress, Drupal, Joomla...)
  • Create Corporative image…

The list could go on but I prefer to let you roam around and find out.


Here at DDGRAFX, our mission is to conceive, optimize, refer, promote, host and support quality Web sites which reach an enviable positioning on the search engines and which are to my customers' satisfaction, no mather where they are.


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